Replaced front entrance door.

We value the exterior appearance of your home and offer handyman services for replacement and repairs.   We would like to assist in the exterior maintenance to protect your investment and avoid damages caused from neglect and in turn provide a visually appealing home exterior that will make it more attractive.  

  • vents - roof, bathroom, dryer, furnace
  • soffits
  • exterior doors
  • patio doors
  • vinyl siding
  • wood siding
  • fence installation
  • flashing
  • wood trim
  • cedar planters
  • minor asphalt and metal roof replacement


Bird and Pest Prevention

Metal bird prevention installed on roof vent.


Birds in the soffit is a very common problem and once the birds have successfully nested in your home last season, they will return again the following year.  In addition, holes and cracks found around the exterior structure of your home or in the soffit area, allow birds, vermin, squirrels, and bats, access into your attic causing even more problems. Even a dime-sized hole can be big enough for a mouse or small bird to squeeze into.  These wild animals can wreak havoc in your attic and can spread disease and parasites.

We can repair and provide preventative measure to reinforce any common problem exterior structure areas on your home for bird prevention or set up traps to remove squirrels humanely from your home. 

Another problem area in your home is your roof, there could be gaps, vents, cracks, and holes that small animals can enter your attic.  A roof that accumulates waters also invites, rats, squirrels, raccoons, and any other pest to thrive.  Important to inspect your roof for any crack, damages, concrete tile movements from harsh weather conditions that might have made any holes.  Regularly clean your gutter system, roof scuppers, and unclog any downspouts.  Make sure to check your exterior vents and fascia as well, as these are often used for small animals to enter your attic. 

If there are any overhang of long tree branches that can be used by animals to gain access into your home.  It might be best to trim the branches as a preventative measure.  Very important to protect yourself against intrusions and keep wild animals out by repairing any exterior problem in your home and to avoid any costly damages and health risks to your family. 

Soffit Repairs

Soffit missing


Soffits are designed so your roof can breathe.   It typically features small holes which provide regular air circulation to your attic, thereby drawing moisture and heat away.  This is extremely vital as moisture in the attic can lead to rotting in the rafters.  If soffit panels have been damage or fallen off, they should be replaced immediately to avoid any further damage and prevent vermin, squirrels, or birds nesting in the area.   Please contact us as we provide soffit installation and repair services.