brush washing vinyl siding

Vinyl siding does need cleaning on a periodic basis to remove moss and mold that grows mostly on the North side of most residential homes and buildings.  The moss appearance is green in colour, but if not removed will turn into a black fungus that is more difficult to remove.  Power washing is not recommended, since the water will enter behind the siding and penetrate windows seals and damage walls.  Your local power washing company will state they power wash down the wall and not up.  You must ask yourself than, how do they clean the under lip of the vinyl siding, where the weep holes are located.  Washing vinyl siding with a soft bristle brush using a bio-degradable all-purpose cleaner and degreaser is a safe and more efficient way to clean vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Repairs

We also provide vinyl siding repairs and can replace siding that has become warp or dented. 

Aluminum Siding

The paint finish on aluminum siding ranges from 1/1000 of an inch to 2/1000 of an inch thick depending on manufacturer.  Exposure to the sun’s rays and weather deteriorates the finish over time.  In fact, there is a type of TiO2 added to the paint formula, which causes “chalking.”  This is by design.  Rain washes the thin almost imperceptible layer of chalk off and that process keeps the finish looking clean and fresh.  But after three or four decades of exposure the complete finish is washed away.  Therefore, when brush washing aluminum siding you can expect some chalking of the paint finish